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COEXXIS CONSULTING SPECIALISTS Private Limited is a consulting company offering a wide range of solutions in engineering, business consulting, waste management in relation to green-economy and circular economy. We also, have strong expertise in wastewater treatment processes and waste to energy processes. We engineer and waste management solutions to specification, circular economy solutions with an emphasis on urban mining, for our clients.

We provide engineering consulting support to owners and operators of waste to energy facilities, waste management companies and waste to resource orientated company. We work with clients in different areas.

Since its creation, COEXXIS through the expertise of its founders has established offices in Durban, South-Africa. Our company also collaborate with innovative technology companies to ensure that our clients are always aware of new developments in the dynamic field of waste management, waste to energy, urban mining and circular economy.

Engineering Consulting Services

We provide a complete engineering solution focused of any business sector.

Waste Management Solutions

We help facilitate viable & sustainable solutions for the safe disposal of waste.

Circular Economy Solutions

We limit the environmental impact & waste of resources by increasing efficiency at all stages.

Urban Mining

We apply resourceful thinking to obtain in-demand elements & compounds from what exists around us

Research & Chemical Engineering

Through research, we provides a workable and practical heuristic solution to problems affecting our clients.

Biogas & Gasification Solutions

We provide turnkey plants for biogas upgrading and liquefaction, generating renewable energy.


What We Do

Our experts consultant engineers and managers are highly trained with specific analytical proving solving abilities for immediate issues operations.

Our team provide solutions for current and future challenges that the client may or may not be aware of.

We provide deliverables in compliance with international standards, improve your operations, reduce costs, provide cost effective waste management solutions, urban mining solution and circular economy generating jobs and significant income. We will improve your waste management, engineering and industrial operations to solve all your engineering challenges while helping you optimise your company and generate income.

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